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Leading stove manufacturer ‘Sperrin Stoves’ based in Northern Ireland offering the following range of products:

Fireplace Door by Sperrin Stoves


Suits any standard square opening in your existing fireplace.The Sperrin firedoor also gives you more control over your existing open fire and is more efficient. Can be used with or without a backboiler in place. Need a small stove? See our Sperrin Sp5. Designed and crafted 100% here in Castledawson with all our parts being locally sourced.

SP Inset by Sperrin Stoves


The Sperrin inset is a beautifully compact stove that slips easily into any standard fireplace opening. It has a full wrap around convector box with vents at the top of the stove delivering heated air into your room along with the stoves natural radiant heat. With the Sperrin inset stove there is no need to remove the fireback.

SP8 Sperrin Stove

Sperrin SP5

The Sperrin Sp5 is the smallest of our irish stoves giving an output of 5kw. The sleek stove is multifuel and is capable of heating any small to medium sized room. 100% made here in Northern Ireland. Why not check out our Sperrin Stove SP8 for more heat. Just one of our Sperrin range manufactured here in Castledawson.

SP8 by Sperrin Stoves

Sperrin SP8 Stove

With its distinctive looks and quality build the Sperrin SP8 will heat any large space giving a glowing focal point. It is multifuel and available with or without a logbox.Stunning stainless steel handle & fittings. Dont need this output? Check out our Sperrin Stoves SP5.The biggest of our products made here in the heart of midulster. Our Quality, your heat.

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